European award for citizenship, security and defence – for Lithuanian project “The Road of the Citizen in the Mirror of History”
Berlin Security Conference is one of the largest European security and defence policy events. Award by CiDAN association during this conference reminds us that European security depends not only upon the military force and political influences but also upon the efforts of citizens to respect Human rights and to defend them. This year award was attributed to „Menų i...daugiau >>
Public international event in Portugal
18 - 21 October 2017 the last meeting of project partners took place in Portugal. The international public event was organized.  It took place in Ourém vacational school. At first all the partners gathered together for rehearsal. Contact point of Europe for Citizens programme in Portugal Zélia Dias joined the participants.  After all the spectators came, the e...daugiau >>
Public international event in Montenegro
20 - 23 September project partners from Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary and Montenegro met in Herzeg - Novi, Montenegro. In the evening of the first day participants of the project met representatives of Municipality and discussed current project and opportunities for future cooperation.  The next morning all the participants gathered for the reahearsal. With the help o...daugiau >>
Public international event in Hungary
10 - 12 May 2017 meeting of project partners took place in Hungary. In the morning of 11 May all the team gathered together for rehearsals of Forum theatre situations. Discussions helped to make these situations even deeper and relevant. After that public event took place. It was lead by the organizer of the event in Hungary Kata Illés Kádek. Professor Dr. Polgár Tib...daugiau >>
Second international public event in Tata, Hungary, 11 May, 2017
11 May 2017 second public international event of the project "The Road of the Citizen in the Mirror of History will take place in Tata, Hungary. Partners from Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal and Montenegro will participate. Guests of the event will tell more about the repressive history of Hungary, project participants will present Forum theatre perfomances about viol...daugiau >>
Documentary created by participants of the project from 4 European countries - Lithuania, Hungary, Montenegro and Portugal - contains stories about violations of Human Rights in former repressive regimes and also discusses our possibilities now and in the future to protect these rights in order not to repeat the past.  It can be found here: >>
International event of the project in Kaunas County Public Library
28 April 2017 the first international event of the project "The Road of the Citizen in the Mirror of History" took place in Kaunas County Public Library. Around 200 people participated.  The event was opened by Vilius Marma from Kaunas Cultural Centre.  Greeting words were said by headmaster of Milikonių Basic education school Janas Ryzgelis. He also...daugiau >>
Training and discussions, 26 - 27 April
26 - 27 April 2017 meeting of partners took place. It was also time for discussions, training of the method of Forum theatre, presentation of the movie created by participants from 4 countries. Partners visited the Museum for Victims of Genocide, found out more about the history of Vilnius - both in repressive times and during the independence.  Performances of Forum...daugiau >>
Meeting of partners, training in Vilnius. Public performance in Kaunas. Programme.
Project „The Road of the Citizen in the Mirror of History“ Training and public event PROGRAMME   25 – 27 April 2017, Vilnius. 28 April 2017, Kaunas Address in Vilnius: Ecotel Vilnius, Slucko 8, Vilnius, Lithuania Address in Kaunas: Kaunas County Public Library, Radastų 2, Kaunas, Lithuania   25 April 2017 (Tuesday) Arrival, dinner in the hotel (7 PM)   ...daugiau >>
Preparatory meeting of project partners.
18-20 January 2017 preparatory meeting of partners of the project "The Road of the Citizen in the Mirror of History" took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The main aims of this meeting were to get acquainted with project partners, to talk about responsibilities, future activities and cooperation as well as to gain skills needed for the implementation of the projec...daugiau >>
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