About the project

The project "I grow up myself - I bring up other" aims at strengthening creative, personal, social and cultural skills of young people. Attention will be paid to  communication with members of different social and cultural groups. Partners of the project (schools and child care institutions) were selected for a purpose. Institutions of education are like smaller models of society. They go through the same transformation processes as the country does. One of the greatest changes is active globalization and multiculturalism. These institutions should be flexible, adapt to cultural changes, because their aim is to educate successful member of society, active creator, but not the passive consumer. The target group of the project - community leaders of selected institutions: active students, teachers and other members of the communities. Children who grow up in child care institutions are very vulnerable, therefore it is expected that the project will be especially useful for them. 

10 years already "Menų ir mokymo namai" is working with youth, is helping them grow, change the circumstances which make them unhappy. Therefore institution cooperates with 147 schools, uses innovative methods. The project "I grow up - I bring up other" will be based on the methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal), will enable young people to take responsibility for their actions, try new ways of behaviour, which could later be adapted in life. 

In multicultural society one of the biggest challenges is to understand and accept people from different social and cultural groups. The Theatre of the Oppressed helps to see more, understand more deeply, encourages creativity and citizenship, helps to learn how not to become oppressors and/or oppressed in various situations. 

The course of the project:

At first survey will be conducted in selected institutions which will reveal the most problematic areas. Later individual programme will be prepared for each of them. Community leaders of these institutions will learn methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed and prepare Forum theatre performances - discussions for other members of their communities. For the generalization of the project publication of good practice will be prepared, as well as 2 articles for the dissemination of the project. 

Information about the project will constantly be updated in the web sites and facebook.  It is estimated that this information will reach about 2000 people. Training of community leaders will be organized in two stages with the orientation both to theoretical background and practical application of the methods. In the end of the project every institution will receive the analysis of the impact and results of the project, as well as recommendations for the future work. 

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