Other implemented projects
The project "Socially acceptable behavior modeling approach by using the Forum Theatre method"

The project toke place in 2009. The aim of the project - with the help of the Forum Theatre and professional assistance to help children of Veliučionys center find themselves socializing behavior, to discover the values, help to understand and learn to recognize and address the pressing social and psychological problems.

With the help of The Forum Theatre method, expressive art therapy and art assistance, teenagers were trained to know themselves, they told to discuss relevant topics, theatrical representation highlights the problems of assistance in looking for ways to address them, sought answers to life’s values, enhanced self-confidence, and others learned new forms of communication, tried to express their personality through drawing and paintings, learned to know myself.

The program was attended by 18 active teenagers. 10 teenagers constantly were changing. Teenagers  become more open and sincere, learned how to concentrate and to respect other views, to tolerate other people. Teens are lead in the 10 sessions. There was organized an exhibition of art works. Pursuit married actress and the Forum Theatre Specialist Rimanta Vaičekonytė and art therapists Danguole Pečeliūnaitė-Girčienė.

The project was supported by: Drug Control Department under the Government.

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