Other implemented projects
Socialization Project "Forum Theatre and Youth Initiative"

2009 implementation the project. The project was conducted in three institutions - Vilnius Antakalnis school, Širvintos Education Centre and Youth Employment in the center of Druskininkai. Since the failure to collect the necessary funds to implement the program, was chosen less education. It was conducted a questionnaire survey of problems in Vilnius Antaklanis school. Analysis was carried out aid have been investigated and brought the problems. They are discussed, analyzed and explored the best ways to eliminate or overcome them. 345 people participated in the program. Display 3 of the Forum Theatre performances in selected institutions.

The project involved community members in institutions has become more open and more attentive to each other. There were more open dialogues between teachers, pupils and parents. Some people have learned more about others. Worked out

intolerance and discrimination, violence and bullying issues. Children learned ways to identify and overcome the problems and avoid the stress and violence.

Decreased interaction between students and teachers. The project results were analyzed and assessed in conjunction with students and teachers. Future work will be continued training. Teachers and youth workshops are scheduled to work the same as using the Forum Theatre method.

The project is supported by: the Ministry of Education and Science

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