Other implemented projects
Social interventions "Mirror of life" - youth initiative to promote public debate.

The project goal - to draw public attention to the existing discrimination and problems of social

exclusion, to promote global discussion and initiative of young people in finding their solutions. The project will be conducted in public spaces in Vilnius city. There will be performed social interventions in five subjects to the public on relevant topics, such as vandalism and indifference, disability discrimination, poverty and social assistance, stereotypical thinking, ridicule and violence against children within families.

Volunteers and actors, friends of the organization, will develop these themes and stories play in public spaces. Episodes will introduce tolerance and indifference to issues highlighted certain problems, provoked a debate with the passers-by. Everything will be filmed spy camera. All video clips will be displayed in public reviews of the Ministry of Fluxus, J. Mekas film room. After each debate will be held discussion in searching for a solution. Following the review, will be released compact disc of social interventions - "Mirror of life" with all stories, the project participants and friends of the organization will present it to the public and disseminate to youth and other interested organizations.

Participants in the project - 15 volunteers from 15 to 18 years, Vilnius University drama troupe "Minimum" - 6 actors. Project duration - 3 months.

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