Other implemented projects
"Be active": prevention of violence in school using Forum theatre
Supporting institution: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania

Partners and participans:

Šalčininkų raj. Jašiūnų “Aušros” vidurinė mokykla
Šalčininkų raj. Baltosios Vokės “Šilo” vidurinė mokykla
Šalčininkų Lietuvos Tūkstantmečio gimnazija
Vilniaus Balsių pagrindinė mokykla

About the project
The aim of the project - to help young people solve difficult social and inner problems with the help of Forum theatre. 

Target group– communities of 4 schools in Vilnius
Main activities:
4 surveys in shools about the , main problems, 4 discussions, 4 Forum theatre performances. More than 120 members of each school participated in project. 

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