Other implemented projects
Other projects and events

2008 April 23th. Training. Training’s objective is to present to Student municipal members The Forum Theatre methodology and its potential impact. Impulsion of demonstrators during the training:  group for students who wish to contribute to the country is already operating with Forum Theatre actors. Thus, it is expected to encourage a more proactive approach to the dissemination of not only national but also international space.

March 1, Saturday. The Forum Theater Group turned Jesuit high school, which is traditionally held in early March Ateitis weekend. More – www. ateitis.lt

Forum theatre, let’s go to Nida! February 25, Monday, we, the Forum Theatre actors, showed up in Nida high school, where played a program for high students. We were very surprised by the warm support of the audience and activity. There were introduced four problematic situations - about family relationships, school, classroom, and intolerance of Nida town residents with Germans. This performance was organized by Nida Police and Municipality.

LiJOT “You can trust yourself”. On 22 February, in the conference “You can trust yourself” The Forum Theatre actors played a very relevant situation of convicted persons into society. There weren’t a lot of people there, but the discussion went off smoothly and interestingly.

Workshop for teachers. On December 4 (Tuesday), in the center of Lithuanian children and youth the Forum Theatre Actors presented a method for teachers.

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