Other implemented projects
Projects implemented in 2008

National project
 „Forum theatre and social interventions – creative methods facilitate activities of various social groups”.
Implemented by:
PI "Menų ir mokymo namai" and  youth initiative group „Vilniaus Forumo teatras”

Partners of the project:
Vš Į Druskininkų jaunimo užimtumo centras;
Kauno J. Jablonskio gimnazija;
Klaipėdos „Aukuro” vid. mokykla;
Klaipėdos departamento  prie Lietuvos Respublikos teisingumo ministerijos Klaipėdos regiono pataisos inspekcija.
Projekto dalyviai:
Druskininkų Ryto gimnazijos moksleiviai ir mokytojai
Druskininkų Atgimimo vid. mokyklos  moksleiviai ir mokytojai
Druskininkų Saulės pagrindinės mokyklos moksleiviai ir mokytojai
Kauno J. Jablonskio gimnazijos moksleiviai ir mokytojai
Kauno jaunimo iniciatyvinė grupė „Forumo teatro partneriai”
Klaipėdos „Aukuro” vid. mokyklos moksleiviai ir mokytojai
Klaipėdos regiono pataisos inspekcijos įskaitoje esantys paaugliai.

Sponsors of the project:
The Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

About the project:    

Surveys in participating organizations gave a possibility to understand the main problems of these institutions. Later performances related to these issues were created and performed, communities participated in Forum theatre performances, acted on stage and discussed, shared their opinions, looked for solutions. Method of Forum theatre was used. 

Project in Vilnius
 „Development of Social Skills of Young People in Vilnius Schools“

Partners of the project:
Vilniaus Jeruzalės vid. mokykla
Vilniaus Naujininkų vid. mokykla
Vilniaus Jėzuitų gimnazija
Kultūros darbuotojų tobulinimosi centras

Sponsors of the project:
Vilnius City Public Health Bureau
Vilnius Municipality
Ministry of Education and Science

About the project:
18 activities of Forum theatre and Social skills education were organized. 3 surveys conducted. More than 2000 children, their parents and teachers participated in the project. In each participating school the performance of Forum theatre was based on the results of the survey. 

Project - camp in Neringa

Development of Social Skills of Young People"

„Menų ir mokymo namai” continues the programme "Prevention of crime in schools and child care institutions using the method of Forum theatre". In this project organization cooperates with Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania Klaipėda Correction House, Neringa Police Unit, Neringa City Municipality. 37 teenagers from Lithuania participated in the project. 

Sponsors of the project:
Drug, Tobacoo and Alcohol Control Department
The Department of Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour
Ministry of Education and Science
Lithuania Youth Tourism Centre


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