Other implemented projects
Special prize of Crime Prevention Network of the European Union
2012.12.28 in the Ministry of Social Affairs PI „Menų ir mokymo namai“ received special prize for their project "With "Forum theatre - without Violence" from the Crime Prevention Network of the European Union.  Minister R. Palaitis said: "I am glad to give this award. It is not just evaluation of your work but also a proof that young peop...daugiau >>
„Developing social skills of young people in Vilnius schools“.
The project was implemented in Vilnius Baltupiai pro-gymnasium and Vilnius Šeškinė secondary school. Surveys were conducted, 2 Forum theatre performances created. 400 young people and teachers participated in the project. With the support of  Vilnius City Public Health Bureau. ...daugiau >>
"Be active": prevention of violence in school using Forum theatre
Supporting institution: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania Partners and participans: Šalčininkų raj. Jašiūnų “Aušros” vidurinė mokykla Šalčininkų raj. Baltosios Vokės “Šilo” vidurinė mokykla Šalčininkų Lietuvos Tūkstantmečio gimnazija Vilniaus Balsių pagrindinė mokykla About the project   The aim of the project - to...daugiau >>
Mirror of life
The project was based on Invisible theatre. 5 situations were performed in the street, buses, other public places, people reacted to them and were involved into discussions about serious social problems by the actors.  ...daugiau >>
Development of social skills - with Forum theatre
The project is implemented in selected schools in Vilnius. Surveys are conducted, 2 Forum theatre performances created. With the support of  Vilnius City Public Health Bureau. ...daugiau >>
Participation in the project „Formula of poverty reduction 10x10=0”
  We invite you to participate in forum theatre, where problems of poverty and social isolation among children are revealed and where we can all look for solutions (Rokiškis, Širvintos, Jonava, Zarasai, Marijampolė) Forum theatres will take place: August 12 Rokiškis, August 21 Širvintose, September 17 Jonava, September 20  Zarasai and October 1 Mari...daugiau >>
Day camp 2010 28 June - 2 July there was a day cam organized in Fluxus the ministry "Forum Theatre - a friend of mine", the main goal of the camp was to integrate the 20 exemplary young people at risk teens, using creative and innovative educational methods. Camp challenges - to reveal and develop a creative personality of a young, creative and educational pr...daugiau >>
Social interventions "Mirror of life" - youth initiative to promote public debate.
The project goal - to draw public attention to the existing discrimination and problems of social exclusion, to promote global discussion and initiative of young people in finding their solutions. The project will be conducted in public spaces in Vilnius city. There will be performed social interventions in five subjects to the public on relevant topics, such as vand...daugiau >>
"Traveling social kitchen"
The project "Traveling social kitchen" is initiated by the National Institute of Social Integration in conjunction with project partners, one of which - the house of art and education. This is a unique project in which the regional non-governmental organizations and vulnerable groups of society will help combat the problems caused by global crisis: crisis, sta...daugiau >>
Socialization Project "Forum Theatre and Youth Initiative"
2009 implementation the project. The project was conducted in three institutions - Vilnius Antakalnis school, Širvintos Education Centre and Youth Employment in the center of Druskininkai. Since the failure to collect the necessary funds to implement the program, was chosen less education. It was conducted a questionnaire survey of problems in Vilnius Antaklanis s...daugiau >>
The project "Socially acceptable behavior modeling approach by using the Forum Theatre method"
The project toke place in 2009. The aim of the project - with the help of the Forum Theatre and professional assistance to help children of Veliučionys center find themselves socializing behavior, to discover the values, help to understand and learn to recognize and address the pressing social and psychological problems. With the help of The Forum Theatre method, express...daugiau >>
Other projects and events
2008 April 23th. Training. Training’s objective is to present to Student municipal members The Forum Theatre methodology and its potential impact. Impulsion of demonstrators during the training:  group for students who wish to contribute to the country is already operating with Forum Theatre actors. Thus, it is expected to encourage a more proactive approach to ...daugiau >>
Projects implemented in 2008
National project  „Forum theatre and social interventions – creative methods facilitate activities of various social groups”. Implemented by: PI "Menų ir mokymo namai" and  youth initiative group „Vilniaus Forumo teatras” Partners of the project: Vš Į Druskininkų jaunimo užimtumo centras; Kauno J. Jablonskio gimnazija; Klaip...daugiau >>
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