The stage of experimental work of the project "Theatre - Rehearsal for Integration into Job Market" ends in Lithuania

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland participate in the project "Theatre - Rehearsal of Successful Integration into Job Market". The project is coordinated by Public institution "Menų ir mokymo namai", supported by Nordplus Adult programme. 

25 February 2016 Virginija and RImanta, representatives of the coordinating institution "Menų ir mokymo namų" visited their partners SOPA and participated in the last meeting with the target group. Work of the partners was evaluated as very professional and creative. Members of SOPA said that these new methods enriched their activities and opened new ways of working with unemployed people. They are sure that they will use these methods of Theatre of the Oppressed in their work in the future. 

Participants also had a chance to evaluate benefits of participating in this project. Here are some opinions:

- We understood that we have to respect ourselves. I liked Forum theatre, I did not expect such a reaction to the episode I have suggested. So many opinions, emotions. 
- As always, I liked all the activities. You find out something more about yourself, your qualities, get the evaluation from others. 
- Situations (Forum theatre) were very useful, I saw what are possible ways of reacting. 
- The basis is great, but the time could be longer, we would be glad to come more times a week. 
- This is the only opportunity to step out of the routine of the unemployed, you can see that you are not the only one with this problem. 
- You move towards finding the job.
- As usually it was useful, I learned new things. The game which we played at the beginning is connected with how you feel at first in a new job place, till you understand what everyone is talking about. 
- Self-presentation was very useful, I learned how to present myself properly, I think I should try to do it continuously. Forum theatre - I understood, at least theoretically, what I could change in certain situations. I think I would not get so lost. 
- I am so impressed, almost euphorically, about this project. At first I did not understand what all these games are for, but since the second one I understood and started waiting - what's next? Situations of Forum theatre - you can see how the situation changes when a person changes - everything is in your own hands. Communication is the game of two. It was very useful. 
- Great moderators, enthusiasts of their work. 
- We are people from Soviet Union, repressed, we do not understand yet that we deserve to be respected by the employers. 
- I really liked when we had to simulate a phone call to the employer.
- Support from others was so useful. In my former job I was really devalued, but now I see that we devalue ourselves so much. And here I can see what good qualities I have and how much I have done in my life. 

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