The end of the project "Augu pats - auginu kitą. III"

The project was implemented by Viešoji įstaiga „Menų ir mokymo namai“, supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.
Schools - participants of the project: 

·         Kaišiadorių Vaclovo Giržado progimnazija;
·         Šiaulių rajono Kuršėnų Lauryno Ivinskio gimnazija;
·         Prienų „Žiburio“ gimnazija;
·         Elektrėnų „Versmės“ gimnazija;
·         Švenčionių rajono Pabradės „Ryto“ gimnazija.

In each school the survey was conducted and we found out about the problems and strenghts of each of them. Later we organized 2 trainings, discussed social issues, presented methods of Image theatre and Forum theatre. Finally participants of the project created Forum theatre performances and presented them to the community of their schools.

More about the project (in Lithuanian):


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