The end of the project "Augu pats - auginu kitą" ("I grow up - I bring up other")

Augu pats-auginu kitą


The project „Augu pats – auginu kitą“ was implemented in 2015 and end in December. It was implemented in 5 institutions of education in Lithuania:

  • Vilniaus Antakalnio vaikų socialinės globos namai

  • Maišiagalos Lietuvos didžiojo kunigaikščio Algirdo gimnazija

  • Ukmergės rajono Želvos gimnazija

  • Vilniaus „Ąžuolyno“ progimnazija

  • Panevėžio rajono Velžio gimnazija

The project was organised and implemented by Public institution „Menų ir mokymo namai“, financed by Lietuvos kultūros taryba and Public institution „Menų ir mokymo namai“. 

The creator of the Theatre of the Oppressed, theatre director, legendary fighter for human rights Augusto Boal said: "It is very easy for us to decide - in fatalistic fashion - that we are the way we are, full stop, end of the story. But we can also imagine - in a more creative fashion - that the playing cards can be re-dealt. Our personality is what it is, but it is also what it is becoming".

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