Project "Augu pats - auginu kitą. Part II" has already visited all the participating schools.
The project "Augu pats - auginu kitą. Part II" is a continuous project. 4 schools - partners participate this year in the project:

- Vilnius Petras Vileišis progymnasium
- Akademija Ugnė Karvelis gymnasium
- Vilnius Engineering Lyceum
- Lentvaris Motiejus Šimelionis gymnasium

The project consists of few stages. In the beginning survey was conducted in all the participating schools which revealed the main problems of each school. In the second stage results of the survey were presented to school leaders. They also learned the basic principles of Theatre of the Oppressed, tried the method of Image theatre in practice.
During the second meeting school leaders together with specialists of "Menų ir mokymo namai" create performances of Forum theatre and present them to the community of their school. The project is in this stage at the moment.
Eventually reccommendations will be prepared for each school. The project will be summarized in the publication of Best practice.

Organizators and coordinators of the project:
Viešoji įstaiga "Menų ir mokymo namai"

The project is supported by:

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