Methodological material "Rehearsal for Job-seekers"

More than a year the project "Theatre - Rehearsal of Successful Integration into Job Market" (coordinated by "Menų ir mokymo namai", supported by Nordplus Adult) was implemented in four countries. 

We are very glad that the work done by all the partners will not be forgotten - their experience is summarized in the Methodological material "Rehearsal for Job - Seekers". Here you will find valuable advises, sharing of experience, tips on how to work most effectivelly with groups of unemployed people as well as with various other social groups. Methodological material is published in 5 languges. Here you can find full texts of each of them:

Lithuanian: LT_Repeticija%20ieskantiems%20darbo.pdf
Latvian: LV_Repeticija%20ieskantiems%20darbo.pdf
Estonian: EE_Repeticija%20ieskantiems%20darbo.pdf
Icelandic: Islandu_Repeticija%20ieskantiems%20darbo.pdf
English: EN_Repeticija%20ieskantiems%20darbo.pdf

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