Continuation of the project "Augu pats"

Public institution  "Menų ir mokymo namai"  continues the project which has started in 2015  "Augu pats - auginu kitą" ("I grow up - I bring up other"). The continuation of the project is aimed at development of personal, social and cultural competencies of young people, their capacities to relate with members of different racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious and other social/cultural groups.  

This year 4 schools participate in the project:
- Trakų rajono Lentvario Motiejaus Šimelionio gimnazija
- Kauno rajono Akademijos Ugnės Karvelis gimnazija
- Vilniaus Petro Vileišio progimnazija
- Vilniaus Inžinerijos licėjus

Project is organized and implemented by "Menų ir mokymo namai" ("House of Arts and Education"), supported by Lietuvos Kultūros Taryba (Lithuanian Council for Culture). 

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