Rainbow of Desire

Rainbow of Desires is the techinque of Augusto Boal, which was created during his life in Europe. He saw a lot of social injustice and violence in South America, but when he came to Europe he was surprised to discover that here exists  different kind of oppression: inner oppresion. If people at any point of their lives experience bulying, violence, contempt or inadequate demands from others, this experience becomes "our inner voice", "cops in the head". These voices keep condemning, critisizing us, they do not les us reach for our goals and dreams, though in our enivornment oppressors do nots exist anymore. 

This techique is based on other methods of Augusto Boal. Here we will find elements of Forum Theatre, Image Theatre, but this time the focus is inner reality, not the social circumstances. 

Rainbow of Desires is the most complicated technique. It is designated to work with inner, deep problems, so it should be used after long preparation and with care. 


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