Forum theatre

Forum theatre is one of the best known methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal). Usually participants create the performance on the relevant theme. In some cases the already prepared show is performed by the group of actors. For the first time the performace is played in a usual way. It reflects some problem, difficult social situation, discrimination, etc. During the play the solution of the problem is not looked for, it only reveals the problem. Later the Joker - specially trained mediator between audience and actors - initiates the discussion and the spectators become more and more active (they become spect-actors, as Boal called them). The performance is played again - exactly the same way as the first time - but this time any person from the audience can stop the play at any time, to replace the protagonist (the main character of the play) and try out different ways of behaviour which could help solve the problem. The performance is replayed as many times as the audience wishes. The main aim is not to find the only or the best solution to the problem but to see many different and creative ways to deal with difficult situations. Later in real life participants will be able to remember and to use different ways to solve problems. 

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