Books of Augusto Boal in Lithuanian

Public institution "Menų ir mokymo namai" initiated the translation of three books of Augusto Boal into Lithuanian language. This is the part of Lithuanian - Swiss cooperation programme, "Integration of the methods of the Theatre of the Oppresed into the activities of NGO's". These books are not for sale, they are used in seminars, workshops, for the continuation of the project.

"Theatre of the Oppressed" - one of the main books of Augusto Boal. It describes the history of the Theatre of the Oppressed and the main principles. The author tells us about the role of the theatre in various cultures and ages, show us how it developed through time and how the monologue became the dialogue. 

"Legislative Theatre" - one of last books of Augusto Boal. He was exiled from Brazil and lived in various countries for a long time, but finally he was asked to come back to his native country and to become vereador (member of local government) of Rio de Janeiro. He did not forget his principles. He used the method of Forum Theatre to find out the opinion of the citizens and to creatre or change the laws. 

"Rainbow of Desires" - deals with the inner oppression. This book presents various techniques, games and exercises which help to find out the inner oppression and to fight it. 

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