Methodological material "Rehearsal for Job-seekers"
More than a year the project "Theatre - Rehearsal of Successful Integration into Job Market" (coordinated by "Menų ir mokymo namai", supported by Nordplus Adult) was implemented in four countries.  We are very glad that the work done by all the partners will not be forgotten - their experience is summarized in the Methodological material &quo...daugiau >>
Comprehensively about Forum theatre
Forum theatre was created by Brazilian Augusto Boal. This form of theatre is different form others because spectators here are also actors, the play is never final, it changes all the time depending on the suggestions of the audience. Therefore Augusto Boal used the word Spect-actor, as he was convinced that no one can be a passive observer during the session of F...daugiau >>
Methodical material for non-formal education
Public institution "Menų ir mokymo namai" has prepared and published methodical material for teachers of non-formal education. It presents clear structure of each lesson, important social issues, explains how method of Forum theatre can be used to work with these themes. It includes such themes as social inequality, prevention of violence, discrimination, etc...daugiau >>
Forum theatre
Forum theatre is one of the best known methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal). Usually participants create the performance on the relevant theme. In some cases the already prepared show is performed by the group of actors. For the first time the performace is played in a usual way. It reflects some problem, difficult social situation, discrimination, etc...daugiau >>
Books of Augusto Boal in Lithuanian
Public institution "Menų ir mokymo namai" initiated the translation of three books of Augusto Boal into Lithuanian language. This is the part of Lithuanian - Swiss cooperation programme, "Integration of the methods of the Theatre of the Oppresed into the activities of NGO's". These books are not for sale, they are used in seminars, workshops, f...daugiau >>
Methodical material prepared by "Menų ir mokymo namai" (with video)
  Public institution "Menų ir mokymo namai" presents methodical material - a useful tool for everybody using methods of Theatre of the Oppressed. This is the part of the Lithuanian - Swiss cooperation programme "Integration of the methods of the Oppressed into the work of NGO's".  Material is not for sale, it is used in seminars, workshop...daugiau >>
Games and exercises in the Theatre of the Oppressed
Though there is nothing mandatory in the activities of the Theatre of the Oppressed, but games and exercises are highly recommended! They help to relax, see ourselves, the world and other people differentely, feel the group of people as the unified team.  Augusto Boal talks about 5 groups of games and exercises: - feeling what we touch - listening to what w...daugiau >>
Rainbow of Desire
Rainbow of Desires is the techinque of Augusto Boal, which was created during his life in Europe. He saw a lot of social injustice and violence in South America, but when he came to Europe he was surprised to discover that here exists  different kind of oppression: inner oppresion. If people at any point of their lives experience bulying, violence, contempt or inadequa...daugiau >>
Legislative Theatre
Legislative Theatre is based on the method of Forum Theatre. This form of theatre was developed when Augusto Boal returned to Brazil and became vereador of Rio de Janeiro (member of local authority). He wanted people of his town not only to adapt to existing laws, but also to participate in the creation and perfection of them. He gathered different groups of citizens an...daugiau >>
Fyers/booklets about Augusto Boal and Human Rights (project "The Road of the Citizen")
    Public organization "Menų ir mokymo namai" implements the project "The Road of the Citizen" (with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union). Members of organization created booklets in which You can see how the ideas of Augusto Boal are connected with the Fundamental Human Rights in the European Union. Lithuanian:...daugiau >>
Augusto Boal "Tree of the Theatre of the Oppressed"
Augusto Boal "Aesthetics of the Oppressed": The fruits which fall to the ground serve to reproduce themselves by Multiplication. Solidarity with our fellows is an essential part of the Theatre of the Oppressed. On the trunk of the tree grow, first, the Games, because they bring together two essential characteristics of life in society; they have ru...daugiau >>
Newspaper theatre
  "Newspaper theatre" was systemized in 1970. Several sources present a different number of techniques. We will present some of the techniques pointed out by Augusto Boal, according to his books "Aesthetics of the Oppressed" and "The Theatre of the Oppressed".  Simple reading: the news item is read detaching it from the context...daugiau >>
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