The end of the season 2010

Activities of Forum theatre in 2010


The season of 2010 was full of changes, new experiences, discoveries, loses and interesting activities. In March group of Forum theatre started its activities. May - June were monts of rehearsals. Leader if Forum theatre group Rimanta and project coordinator Danguolė presented the method of Forum theatre in 15 schools in Vilnius, Panevėžys and Kaunas education centres. More than 1000 children and teachers participated in these events. 
In April organization moved to a new place - Fluxus Ministry, 
Gedimino 27.
2010 May 11 the debut of Forum theatre in international conference "Regional policy of youth. Problems and challenges of youth participation". Abou 500 people participated. 
In June 10 perfornamces in Fluxus Ministry were organized "Discussion about oneself and others", the group  participated in the festival "Be2gether" and later in a day camp for children of child care institutions "Forum theatre - my friend". 


1 July Forum theatre celebrated its 6-th birthday and presented the performance for friends and guests. 

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