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Short history of the Forum Theatre


Significant Brazilian theatre innovator Augusto Boal XX ct. 6-th decade began working in theater “Arena Theatre” in São Paulo. In order to find out people’s opinions, he always organized discussions after plays. Later, he developed the following method: during the performance spectators could stop the action and propose the oppressed character how should he behave. Once the play was stopped and a woman from the audience tried to explain her idea. Actors tried the suggestion on stage, but she was not satisfied. She explained again, and they tried again, but she wasn's satisfied anyway. Finally she climbed on the stage and showed what she ment. This is the way the Spectactor (instead of spectator) was born and it was the beginning of the Forum theatre. 

Our long history


In 1998 actress Rimanta Vaičekonytė studied this method in Estonia, Denmark and Sweden. During her studies in Estonia, she noticed the huge impact of this method. The audience becomes an active participant of performance. Audience not only can express their opinion, they can try their suggestions on stage and to try to solve the conflict or change the situation into the better direction. 

In 2004 Rimanta invited well know Forum Theatre Specialist Mary Nilson from Sweden to Lithuania and she has carried out a comprehensive three-day workshop. On the 1-st of July, 2004, Public institution "House of Arts and Education" ("Menų ir mokymo namai") was established. Since then many young people got interested in the method of Forum theatre, it was applied in various programmes: in the fields of education, prevention of crime and drug abuse, etc.
In 2006 there were already 40 people actively involved in the activities of Forum theatre. 
From 2005 several projects are implemented each year: camps, training courses, seminars, performanes, conferences. 
In 2011-2012 Forum theatre implemented the project "The Alarm-clock of the Citizen", where it cooperated with 147 schools.
At this moment organization is implemeting two main projects: "Integration of methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed into the activities of NGO's in Lithuania" (financed by  Lithuanian-Swiss cooperation programme) and "The Road of the Citizen
" (With the support of the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union). 

"Menų ir mokymo namai" ("House of Arts and Education") now. Organization actively cooperates with schools, NGO's, other organizations, spreads the methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed both in Lithuania and in other countries of the EU. It prepares and implements national and international projects, organizes training, seminars, workshops for children, youth, adults and seniors. Each group the organization works with chosen themes which are the most relevant to it. These problems and difficult situations are shown in theatrical ways, all the participants together search for various ways of solution, attention is paid to the feelings, choices and motivation of every participant. Everyone is encouraged to share their opinion, but no one is forced to do so. It is important for everyone to feel safe and not to be afraid to reveal themselves and participate in discussions. Therefore various games and excersices are used, they help to "warm up", relax, trust other members of the group, see themselves and the world from the different angle. Also events for communities are organized. Situations of Forum theatre are shown to the audience, everyone is invited to be active, to discuss, recognize these situations in their lives and to learn ways to solve them. At this moment the specialists of the organization use all the methods of the Theatre of the Oppressed: Image theatre, Invisible theatre, Newspapers theatre, Legislative theatre, Rainbow of Desires. Actors, directors, psychologists and other specialists work or volunteer in the activities of the organization. 

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